Wings, Inc. specializes in Architecture & Design Tours for small, intimate special-interest  groups.  Wings’ Architours are unique educational tours that include destinations of significant architectural and design interest.

These ArchiTour programs are highly researched, custom itineraries.  The planning is based on years of experience in connecting with people and companies in the design and travel industry around the globe.  Programs include private entrée and special tours.

Lifestyle is a major component. Gardens, culture, architecture, art, design, music, cuisine and wine, are an integral part of the ArchiTours.

Special-Interest Travelers

Who are they?

They are People who enjoy travel and have a Special Interest they want to learn more about, share with others, and learn more from each other on the journey.

Are you living your dreams?

Through traveling with Wings ArchiTours, you will enjoy authentic experiences that will inspire you in your work and in your life.

Courtyard of the Maidens, 1364

Passion + Purpose = Change and Growth

Wings takes you where you want to go!


Contact us to discuss a custom program for your family & friends, association, or business!

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