ArchiTours – the Renaissance in Italy

Northern Italy – Verona, Vicenza & Venice

Programs include special tours to villas, palazzos, factories, and headquarters of companies in the design industry.  We experience behind the scenes visits to today’s showrooms and workrooms, along with viewing antique textiles and equipment. We are privileged to enjoy private entrée to a few Renaissance Villas and Palazzos.

Off the beaten path…

Pantheon in Passagno by Antonio Canovo – Italy


Experience authentic sources to inspire your designs, and enrich your lifestyle with memories of a unique travel experience you will treasure forever!





Contact:  [email protected]

Phone:  858-759-4923

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Quote from Eric Brand Furniture: “The  architecture of the Renaissance in contrast with modern contemporary design is a powerful combination of proportion, scale and minimalism. The harmony and balance created by this juxtaposition, manifests into very compelling interior environments.”  Eric Brand, President


My lifelong love affair with Palladio

Classical language is a vocabulary – leave the door open to learning Vertruvius & Palladio.

  • Learn the rules.  Practice them and break them.
  • The work of today links with the past and will endure the future.
  • Connect with the past to discover the new directions for the future.
  • Bring the past to the present and beyond.
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